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We try to bring events as often as possible with leading visionaries in our industry as well as

up and coming Artists. Find out what Shows and Events we have scheduled so you can plan ahead! 

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Find out what up coming events

are being held and mark your calendars! 


We have had many events throughout our time being open. Check them out!


We have renovated our upstairs loft into an intimate showroom with modular wall cases, copious amounts of pedestals and wall tracks for hanging Artwork.

The shows and events held in this space allows for a close and personal experience between the Artist, their Artwork and those in attendance, 

with minimal distractions.

If you are seeking an Event Space and would

like to coordinate a consultation or walkthrough

please use the contact form below.

You can also reach out to us on

Instagram @ruckusgalleryevents

or by email at

Event Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

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